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R&D Tax Credit Advisors

With a specialized team made up of certified public accountants, engineers and PhD qualified chemists and biochemists, Swanson Reed manages all facets of the R&D tax credit claim process.

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We provide full, hands-on support from start to finish.

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Take our eligibility wizard to find out if you qualify for a tax credit.

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Industry Case Studies

Find out the qualifying R&D activities specific to your industry.
What is the R&D Tax Credit?
The commercialisation and development of innovative technologies are supported by the New Zealand government through various grant funding initiatives.

Our Services

Swanson Reed offers specialist claim preparation and advisory services.

R&D Eligibility Assessments

Adequately assessing a potential R&D claim at the beginning is one of the most important parts of the R&D claim process.

R&D Tax Credit Claim Preparation

Through a 4-step preparation process, we will ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve.

Audit Advisory

Our team of audit specialists will assist you in IRS audit preparation and defense strategies.

Substantiation Assistance

Our dedicated team will help prepare the documentation required to formulate and execute experimental activities.